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Overall wellness starts from within! IV therapy is a cutting-edge wellness treatment offered at Luxe House Aesthetics that delivers customized and carefully curated blends of essential vitamins, minerals and fluids directly into your body through an IV drip. It provides rapid and efficient absorption of essential nutrients, boost energy levels, increase hydration, immune system support, chronic fatigue relief, migraine relief, boost workout recovery and promotes health optimization through an immediate revitalizing effect. Plus, the convenience and comfort of our spa setting OR in your own home makes the experience both rejuvenating and relaxing leaving you feeling refreshed and replenished. 

All IV therapy starting at $200 and can be customized depending on your tailored needs

Leslie A.

" I opted to do an IV drip while I got my face toxed! Best decision I made because I left knowing I'd be wrinkle free and had loads of energy! Andrea customized the IV according to my needs and I requested that she freeze my crows but wanted some movement in my forehead, I got what I asked for! Highly rec! Refreshments and her beautiful spa are a plus!


"Ryan absolutely saved my life with her on demand IV service. Highly recommend booking her in advance of your next big event- couldn't have survived without it!"

Raymond D.

"I receive monthly IV therapy and Vitamin B shots at luxe House. It is always a seamless experience in a clean relaxing place. All the providers here are extremely professional and 10/10 recommend"
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